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Mor Brothers Diamonds is a leading Israel-based diamond manufacturer with global mining and marketing enterprises. For over three decades, Mor Brothers Diamonds has been providing customers with a selection of the world's finest cut diamonds.

Yohanan Mor, the Founder and President, together with a handpicked management team, has created a unique, vertically integrated entity, which encompasses all aspects of the diamond industry, with interests ranging from mining through cutting, polishing and marketing to the wholesale/retail distribution and retailing, via trade marking, to the end consumer.

Mor Brothers Diamonds is considered one of the leading diamond manufacturers and exporters of Round Super Ideal and Fancy Cuts, specializing in Hearts & Arrows, with exports of over US$50 Million in Israel; and has been servicing the manufacturing and retailing jewelry sectors worldwide.

Mor Brothers Diamonds is a pioneer in the development of Super Ideal Cuts. At most cutting facilities, ideal cuts are typically a by-product from their usual production of commercially acceptable diamonds. At Mor Brothers Diamonds the entire operation is geared toward the manufacture of Super Ideal Cuts; from the acquisition of rough diamonds to cutting and polishing. This specialization enables Mor Brothers to create these perfect cuts efficiently and economically. Our diamonds are certified GIA (EX-EX-EX), Amore Diamond Document™ & EGL.

All Mor Brothers diamonds are cut to Super Ideal standards that display a perfect Hearts & Arrows pattern and have a finish so perfect that polish lines are not visible even under 100x magnification. This special cut creates an amazing pattern of eight hearts and eight arrows captured deep within every diamond; and maintain the highest standards of quality control.

Mor Brothers diamonds is an active participant in the process to eliminate conflict diamonds. Our rough program and participants of the Kimberly Process system of warranties ensures all diamonds sold by us and our retail associates are guaranteed "Conflict Free".

Moreover, Mor Brothers diamonds exclusively offer Canadian diamonds, which are carefully tracked from the mine in Canada through cutting, polishing, and transport. This ensures that our Canadian diamonds enter an uninterrupted chain of custody, and our supply is not corrupted by illicit or conflict diamonds. All of our diamonds have certification policies compliant with one of the leading bodies for Canadian diamonds, including Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct - www.canadiandiamondcodeofconduct.ca, and the Government of the Northwest Territories. These policies provide independent validation to give you the peace of mind to know your diamond is conflict free.

The firm is a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange, DDC NY Club, Belgium Diamond Exchange, The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct, StopBloodDiamonds.org, GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGS (American Gem Society), OGI Systems Ltd., Sarin Technologies, CMP Asia Limited, Rapaport & RapNet (morbro).

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