From The President

As a provider of world-class loose diamonds, my company is riding the wave of the 'cutting edge technology' and production of diamonds to serve our customers.

We view our role in the diamond industry as more than the day to day trading of diamonds. We view our customers, and ourselves, as links in a chain; all interrelated and working in unison to become stronger and more together. We are the 'bridge' with global coverage from mining to cutting, polishing and marketing to wholesale and retail distribution with a common interest; to provide the best cut diamonds to the end consumer.

Our privileged access to the mines with the best rough diamonds available in the world enables us to offer our customers a constant supply of virtually all sizes, shapes, and quality of diamonds.

Our dedication to our clients and insight into your needs has earned us the reputation of being one of the most respected and trusted players in the diamond industry.

I am proud to invite you to join our ever growing family of relationships, from miners to retailers and the end customer.

Best Regards,

Yohanan Mor President

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